ENGAGE to Support Childhood Brain Tumour Survivors


'Engage' is an initiative of the Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children's Hospital, and the Behavioural Sciences Unit, UNSW Medicine & Health. The Engage program supports survivors who were diagnosed with low-grade glioma during childhood by providing distance-delivered survivorship care.
If you’re a survivor of childhood brain cancer, you probably already know that surviving doesn’t necessarily mean having perfect health. Most survivors will develop “late effects” as a result of their cancer and its treatment. This might include neurological issues, problems with hormones, heart disease, weight gain, and anxiety or depression. Navigating the health system to get the care you need after cancer treatment can also be a challenge.
Engage Brain is a new program designed by a team of paediatric oncologists at Sydney Children’s Hospital. Its aim is to help survivors feel more confident to get the care they need and improve their health in the long term.

Funded by a $1.9 million grant from the Government’s Australian Brain Cancer Mission, part of the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), the program is part of a $9.9 million investment in brain cancer survivorship research announced by the Australian Government.

Engage is now being offered to survivors of any age, who were diagnosed with childhood brain cancer (<18 years), and who were treated at Sydney Children’s Hospital. We will soon open to survivors treated at Children’s Hospital Westmead and Perth Children’s Hospital.
For more information please view this short (2 minutes) 
video or contact the Engage Brain team at Engage@unsw.edu.au or on 0466 576 442.


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