Researcher seeking recruits for an online research project

Francesca is a researcher in the UK who needs our assistance to recruit people to a research project on Illness Perceptions, Quality of Life, and Diagnostic Communication - Does Diagnostic Communication have an impact?  Read more about it here. The survey is available from this link.

Francesca ais a Trainee Clinical Psychologist currently studying for her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Hull, England. Her research thesis aims to explore the illness perceptions of people with a brain tumour, their quality of life, and their experience of diagnostic communication.

She requires around 125 participants in total with any type of primary brain tumour, 18 years of age or older,. The process will all be done on-line through questionnaires, and participants will be provided with contact information of the researchers should they have any questions. 



Francesca Smithson Evans

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme

Department of Psychological Health & Wellbeing

Hertford Building

University of Hull

Cottingham Road