Geoff's story

Geoff Davidson has provided BTAA with a very detailed story covering his diagnosis, treatment and recuperation covering the period 2001 - 2014. The following is an extract.

Geoff's Advice
  • Stay positive and optimistic
  • Continue normal daily home and work life if you can
  • It’s OK to feel down at times
  • Seek a good qualified Naturopath for additional support and advice
  • Seek a second opinion if you want.
  • Complementary medicines can help with sleep and memory enhancement.






The Road to diagnosis

  • During 2000 my wife Susan was concerned over my odd sleeping patterns such as waking up during the night, and being tired in the afternoon/evening. From about March 2001, I was getting up to go to the toilet during the night and noticed occasional blurring vision at work, particularly on the computer. My vision slowly deteriorated with the main problem being, trying to focus both eyes reading. Very slow deterioration continued and it was very hard to notice the gradual change. I was looking to the right side to maintain focus and I was moving my head left to right to read (essentially to maintain focus).
    • After Geoff had a number of scans, two operations, a course of steroids, and other tests he was diagnosed with Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma.**
    • Geoff had five cycles of chemotherapy in 2002 involving both Idarubicen and Methotrexate. 
    • After the chemo Geoff had a course of radiation treatment in April 2002.
After radiation Geoff wrote about the advice he got from the radiation oncologist:
  • The Doctor advised that if in the future (in 10 or so years) I develop symptoms of tiredness and lethargy, a Dr may put it down as old age and treat me for that however, my Pituitary gland may be the culprit. The Pituitary gland is right next to where the tumour is/was, and could be affected by the radiation. I would require a special blood test to determine how the Pituitary was functioning.  He also advised I should now go to ½ Dexamethasone tablets for about a week, then ¼ for about a week, then stop, but increase it if headaches or other problems arise.
Geoff writes about his progress during the remainder of 2002, including an overseas trip to the USA on work, and beyond through 2003-2006.
  • On the 5th May, I flew out to London and UK for 5 days, then onto Washington, for a 2-week working visit. While in a bookshop in Washington I bought the book “Hypoglycemia for Dummies”. On reading the book I found a section on sleeping problems – do you wake up a few hours after going to bed all revved up for no reason. Yes? Read on. This is caused by a blood sugar low during sleep, which then pumps adrenaline into the body and a rev up. Cure – have a small snack just before going to bed of slow-release food. I started drinking ½ cup of liquid yoghurt just before bed and immediately had a better night sleep, which now 6 weeks later has settled into 9 of 10 nights being blissful, and the other night better regardless. A MIRACLE.



  • Little to comment on since May 2006. I had MRI and blood test and there was still no change on the scans. After an overall body check the doctor stood back and said I was in good shape and looking good (80kg). With that he said congratulations, you are now 'cured'. No more annual MRIs but still need physical checks. Again 13 is my absolute lucky number. My big 50th birthday party is on Sat 17th Feb 2006. Hallelujah.

2014 Update

  • Doing just great. Still have double vision and now an annual hay fever sufferer. Walk at a good pace for about 5kms every day and still riding my pushbike. Retired in February 2012, visited friends and relatives in the UK, and nearly finished restoring my 1924 Dodge."


**Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma is a disease in which malignant cells form in the lymph tissue of the brain and/or spinal cord. The lymph system is part of the immune system and is made up of the lymph, lymph nodes and vessels, spleen, thymus, tonsils, and bone marrow. Lymphocytes (carried in the lymph) travel in and out of the CNS and in some cases become malignant.