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Lyn Phelan

An Inspirational 'Liv On' story from Lyn Phelan

21 August 2019

Lyn Phelan is a long-term GBM survivor and her brain tumour experience features on the High Grade Glioma video on the Multi-cultural section of this website.

Jack Fleming

Jack's Story

01 May 2019
Jack was one of six sons of Ken Fleming. He was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) in July 2016 and died in April 2018, 22 months into his battle, and aged just 21.
Colin McCulloch

Colin's Brave Brain Tumour Battle

01 May 2019
In 2011 Colin McCulloch was struck down with a life-threatening brain tumour, an ependymoma. His tumour was in the centre of his brain and the size of a small orange.

Professor Ben Williams

01 April 2019
A 21-year glioblastoma survivor - read his free book
Danielle and Jake

Danielle's Story

12 October 2018
Christmas is supposed to be such a wonderful time of year, not a time when you find out your boyfriend has brain cancer.  

Andrew Landers's Shave for BTAA

13 June 2017
Please donate to Andrew Lander's Stretch's Shave for BTAA to raise funds for support.